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Progressive Finance No Credit Check Approval Process

A) Verify INCOME REQUIREMENTS of $1,000 a month for at least 6 months, with a:

  • •  Most recent paystub showing YTD; or
  • •  S.S. or Disability Benefit Letter; or
  • •  If self employed - Provide a 3 month bank statement showing deposits.

B) Verify CHECKING ACCOUNT REQUIREMENTS with a 30 day bank statement that shows:

  • •  No NSFs & no more than 5 protected overdrafts;
  • •  Account open for 3 months;
  • •  $500 in deposits;
  • •  Does not end with a negative balance.

C) VOIDED CHECK (Or a Bank Account Verification Form)


E) Progressive Lease/Purchase Overview

  • •  No credit needed 12 month lease/purchase program based on income and checking account activity
  • •  Progressive purchases item from retailer, leases back to customer
  • •  7 out of 10 applications are approved - most customers become repeat customers
  • •  90 day payment option – 65% early buyout after 90 days
  • •  Easy and affordable payments set up to match customer’s payday
  • •  Online application - takes less then 5 minutes to complete online
  • •  No liability and no charge-backs to the store

F) Progressive Program

  • •  Approval amounts from $300 - $2,500 (plus an additional 10% on all approvals for taxes and delivery)
  • •  1.8 Multiple on 12 month term
  • •  2 early buyout options
  • •  90 day option – customer only pays $40 initial payment plus invoice amount within 90 days
  • •  65% early buyout – after 90 days, customer may end contract early at any time by paying 65% of remaining balance
  • •  Minimum Requirements
  • •  Same employer for previous 6 months
  • •  Earn at least $1,000 per month
  • •  Open/active checking account for at least 3 months


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the interest for this program?

A: This program has no interest because it is a lease-purchase contract. If you pay your balance off within 90 days, all you pay is the invoice price and the predetermined Processing fee. If you take more than the first 90 days to pay off the purchase, then you will pay 1.8 times the invoice total over 12 equal payments.

Q: Will Progressive check my credit report?

A: No, progressive will verify information from your most recent 30-day bank statement and pay stub.

Q: How long do you have to be employed to qualify?

A: At least six months with the same employer. The pay stub must show YTD with total or a W2 to show six full months of employment.

Q: How long will my account be active?

A: An approved account and contract are good for 31 days. If an invoice takes more than 31 days to deliver, then contact the store for an extension. If the extension cannot be given or the delivery takes longer, you will need to reapply.

Q: What happens if the order is not in stock (special order)?

A: This program is still available; wait until the merchandise is in stock and you are ready to schedule delivery/pickup before applying. If you are not approved, the special order deposit will not be refunded.

Q: Where do I mail my payment? Can I pay online or by phone?

A: Monthly payments will be debited out of you checking account by ACH every month on the same date the contract is signed, not the delivery date. Call Progressive to process a telephone payment at 877-898-1970.

Q: What happens if there are damages on my item or problems with my service?

A: Contact Avenue Sound; even-exchanges will not require paperwork to be sent to the finance company. On reselections, you will be responsible for any overages and all refunds will be issued to Progressive.